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After touring and releasing albums for over a decade with signings to Columbia Records and Universal Publishing, I founded a recording studio for music production and sound design in 2018.

Today I'm excited about elevating the audio quality of your project to its highest potential.

My name is Johannes, and I am pretty much what you could call a Swiss army knife for sonic experience! 


Throughout my career, I have successfully taken on the audio production and coordination of media campaigns for clients like BMW, MINI, ADIDAS, SAP and many more. 

Contact me here, and let us find out how we can assist you with our skills and expertise!

Johannes Wimmer


Holger Wimmer, Director/Producer

Johannes´ work is unique and breathtaking for each project. His way of working is unagitated, calm, fast and on the highest level. My film projects were lifted to a new level by him.

Klaus Kneist, Director/DP

Awesome Experience working with Johannes!! makes everything sound so real and haptic, you are immediately immersed. Great communication!

Sammy Theurer, Director

Working with Johannes was easy and professional. He managed to write the perfect score for a documentary even though I had no experience in working with a composer before. Big thanks!

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